Order Righteous Judgment & Righteous Endeavors

Your Local Bookstore

Righteous Judgment can be ordered from The Bookworm in Bernardsville, NJ.


Righteous Judgment is available on Amazon, here, and Righteous Endeavors is linked here. You can order paperback or Kindle eBook versions there, preview the novels, and see reader reviews. Kindle Unlimited subscribers and Prime members may borrow the eBook at no cost.

After enjoying Righteous Judgment and Righteous Endeavors, you can leave your own reviews.

Fun tidbit: Favorable reviews are the best form of writing practice!

Barnes & Noble online

This link brings you to Barnes & Noble for online ordering of paperback and hardcover editions of Righteous Judgment.


My distributor of Righteous Judgment, Ingram, distributes to US libraries. Unfortunately, libraries tend to be slower to stock self-published novels, but it won’t hurt to ask if they have it, or request that they acquire it. You can tell your librarian that there’s a hardcover edition, a Library of Congress Control Number, and a published Kirkus Review.