Righteous Judgment Feedback

Feedback From The Pros

“A brilliant New Jersey police lieutenant … a refined villain reminiscent of Die Hard’s Hans Gruber … [a] diabolical plan … Graysol’s novel benefits from his own experience as an attorney … Rather than recycle familiar tropes and clichés from countless movies and TV shows, [he] instead writes with an authentic sense of how lawyers and detectives really think … Many clever revelations in this satisfying mystery … A complex tale that introduces two sleuths at the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Kirkus Reviews (full review linked here)

Feedback From Readers

I like crime fiction that jumps right into the action, and that makes me think. Righteous Judgment sure did both—I read it in a week! — Donna G.

Great new plot, better than most mystery and cop stories I’ve read. It kept me reading when normally I would stop and take a break. I wanted to see what was going to happen next. Very good and fun read. — Tom F.

I found Righteous Judgment to be a very interesting and new take on the suspense/murder genre.  Not just a police story, not your standard murder mystery, Righteous Judgment took me through different parts of the justice system and showed me connections I have never thought about before.  It was a very unique and captivating read.  I thought I saw the trail clearly but had to deal with many surprises. — Ralph Z.